About FlyDocs

FlyDocs is a company that provides consulting, advisory, brokerage and documentary regularization services.

We provide complete documentary advice to law firms, accounting, real estate, construction companies and developers, financial institutions, companies, as well as the general population.

Among the offered services, are: 2nd route of certificates; asset research (real estate and vehicle); forwarding of titles to protest (checks, promissory notes, duplicates etc); notarial deed, extrajudicial divorce, extrajudicial inventory, real estate regularization; current registration of real estate; kit financing for purchase and sale of property, rectification of civil registry, visas and passports, translation, sworn translation, apostiling, among others.

Our aim is to take over bureaucratic services and thereby eliminate unnecessary procedures, which in many cases make financing, debt collection, commercial hiring, or recognition of foreign citizenship too slow.

By providing a fast and efficient service by a multidisciplinary team, we reduce the costs and the deadline for obtaining documents, reflecting our customers’ total satisfaction.

We serve all Brazil and foreign countries, with payment conditions via PayPal or PagSeguro.

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